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The self love fix podcast is a podcast dedicated to helping young women delve deeper into their inner child to help them cultivate within themselves self love, self worth, and high self esteem. Join Host and Inner Child Healing coach, Beatrice Kamau as you laugh, cry, grow, and learn the truth of who you are and what you deserve.

Apr 25, 2024

In this episode we chat....

  • The difference between the WOUNDED feminine and BALANCED feminine and how BOTH impact your dating life
  • How to shift from SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE in dating
  • What IS relaxed dating and why dating was NEVER meant to be frantic or have you anxious and on TEN checking your phone every couple...

Apr 18, 2024

Listen to this to....

  • REMEMBER who God designed you to be and to understand the VALUE of a woman 
  • To STOP holding on for dear life for someone who doesn't put in any EFFORT TO EARN YOU
  • To understand WHY the feminine is meant to be in a position of CHOOSING who is worthy of her heart not for her to be GIVING it to any...

Apr 11, 2024

It's... been a while hasn't it bestie?!

Well I have an AMAZING episode for you ALL about why it's been so hard for you to "know your worth" and why you should focus on knowing your VALUE instead.

Your VALUE in general AND your VALUE in dating, relationships, marriage, work, your business etc,

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